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TEST — The Five Essentials of Yoga Movement — TEST

Here’s what people are saying:

“… I was intimidated by yoga. I felt that I wouldn’t be flexible or focused enough to take classes and that I would embarrass myself. Joanne has taught me to think differently. When I follow her breathing exercises and do just a few movements from her e-book before going to bed, I find that I am more relaxed and sleep better. What could be better?” Ann F.

Good health is directly tied to movement and physical activity. Your spine is your body’s structural foundation, and just as a building crumbles without a strong foundation, your body cannot move well without a healthy spine.

In this e-book you will …

  • Receive 5 gentle yoga practices that get you moving
  • Learn the primary purpose and benefits derived from each yoga home practice
  • Get tips for making each yoga home practice more effective
  • Receive advice on how to keep moving for life

Download your copy today and start to experience the joy of lifetime mobility.

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