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Your Private Yoga Instructor

PERFECT for people who want a yoga coach to help them stay on track and be held accountable!

    - Achieve personal health and wellness goals

    - Reduce stress and improve focus

    - Live healthier, happier and more pain free

Private Yoga Sessions in The Villages, Florida

Private Yoga Lessons in The Villages, Florida focus on you and your personal goals.
It is perfect for people who want a yoga coach to help them stay on track and be held accountable.

private yoga instructor

Group yoga classes do not work for everyone. Maybe your busy schedule does not fit. Or, you want individual help with life management skills to reduce stress and live a fuller life. Perhaps you are injured or ill and need a more technical or healing practice. You may be an athlete with specific goals and you want a yoga practice to prevent injury.

Personal yoga classes mean that each practice is designed specifically for you with your goals upper most in mind. Postures are modified to meet your needs, questions are answered on the spot, and you progress at your own pace.

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Process: During a complimentary telephone conversation, we discuss your goals and reasons for wanting a private yoga instructor. If it makes sense to move forward, we set an initial meeting to develop a plan for reaching your objectives.

Personal Yoga Classes Include
: face to face meetings, conversations between meetings, and the Breathe Easy blog



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