Private Yoga Instruction in Denver

We enjoy being able to bring you private yoga instruction.
It’s perfect for people who want a yoga coach to help them stay on track toward specific goals.

private yoga instructor

Here are some of the reasons for taking private yoga instruction: 

  1. Create a personalized stress reduction and life management program
  2. Gain a deeper understanding of breath management techniques
  3. Recover from injury or illness
  4. Train to reach athletic goals
  5. Too busy to consistently attend group classes
  6. Not comfortable with “one size fits all” public group classes
  7. Specific issue that requires a more technical or healing practice
  8. Jump start a home practice


Process: During a complimentary, initial telephone conversation, we will discuss your goals and reasons for considering private yoga instruction. If it makes sense to move forward, we will set an initial meeting to develop a plan for reaching your objectives.



Personalized Instruction Includes

  1.   Face to face meetings
  2.   Home practices
  3.   Check-in between meetings
  4.   Breathe Easy Blog

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