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“I am a yoga teacher and truly enjoy Joanne’s blog. It is relaxing to read, refreshing and relevant. I often send her blogs to my students.” Virginia W.

What is Meditation?

Yoga Tips

Yoga Tips

Meditation can be hard to explain without sounding woo-woo and esoteric to those who have never experienced it or are trying it for the first time. From my experience as a yoga teacher helping students to meditate, most students think they aren’t doing it “right” because their minds wander constantly. As I tell them, “welcome to the human condition of Monkey Mind. Continue reading

Standing Balance Yoga Pose

Most of my private yoga students are 50 and over and very interested in staying mobile for life. Balance plays a big part in staying both mobile and healthy. In fact, research confirms ability to balance on one foot for at least 20 seconds is an important indicator of brain 22-01 copy 2health.

With these benefits in mind, our posture focus this week is on balance and adapting Tadasana for that purpose.

This adaptation of Tadasana is particularly good for strengthening your feet and lower legs. It also has the following benefits, which are found in all balance postures:

  • Improves posture
  • Develops mental stamina
  • Improves focus and attention
  • Increases self confidence

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5 Steps: Yoga for Everyday Life

People come to yoga for all sorts of reasons. They include wanting to reduce stress and balance emotions; improve fitness; lose weight; improve flexibility; improve strength. The list is long and the reasons are as varied as the people. But, there is a common thread in all these reasons and that’s the recognition that some aspect of life needs to be different.cover - updated

So, the recognition that something needs to change is Step #1 in starting any yoga practice. It’s also important to believe change is possible and to have a deep desire to have it happen. Continue reading

Yoga Practice for the Office

Workplace wellness activitiesIn my opinion, yoga is tailor made for today’s world.

Many years ago I started practicing yoga as a way to reduce the stress of corporate America. It was very effective. Fast-forward to today and our world has become even more stressful. There are fewer and fewer boundaries separating our working lives from our non-working lives. The Internet and mobile devices have made us “available” 24/7.

One researcher says that being connected 24/7 to emails, texts, social media, etc. is a big reason why we feel busy all the time. It’s hard to feel like we’re getting away from work and work-like activities, which makes us feel overwhelmed. See my blog Busyness for more about this research. Continue reading

Belly Breathing – Plus More

The other day I was feeling stressed. When I’m at my computer I feel that way frequently. It usually has to do with social media and working to expand Yoga for Self’s presence “out there”. I’m trying to understand what works and what doesn’t which, of course, changes daily because the people who design social media are sadistic. Well, probably not literally but you get my drift.SeatedBreathing copy 2

Anyway, I was feeling more and more overwhelmed and feeling like I was wasting a lot of time. So, I said to myself, time to take a break and practice some of the yoga breathing techniques I teach.
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Deep Breathing for the Workplace

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed? Being pulled in a zillion directions? Feeling like nothing ever gets completed?

“Take a deep breath.” We’ve heard it before. Something stressful happens to someone who then gets told to … “take a deep breath.” Somehow it begins to calm the person down. Why does that work? What goes on in our bodies to trigger a more relaxed state? Continue reading

Yoga for Every Body

“I’m not flexible enough to do yoga.” I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard that comment. My response is always, “Every Body can do yoga.” As my yoga teacher says, “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.” In other words, you don’t need to twist, stretch or bend into the shape of a pretzel to reap the benefits of yoga.

Muscular vs. Skeletal

Everybody’s body is unique. We are all built differently. I have yet to see the perfect body and am confident I never will.Denver Yoga Classes Continue reading

3 Standing Forward Bend Options – 1 Recommendation

1-01 copySeveral days ago, I blogged about the five directions of spinal movement in my post, Yoga for Spine Flexibility. An ability to move easily into and out of these five directions is fundamental to spinal health.

Forward bending is one of these five directions and, in yoga, can be done standing, kneeling, sitting and lying on your back. In my yoga tradition (Viniyoga), the primary purpose of a forward bend is to stretch the low back. In order to do that, it makes a difference how the movement into the forward bend is accomplished. Continue reading

Viniyoga Makes the News

NewPapersWhat do the New York Times and Consumer Reports for Health have in common? They both describe Viniyoga as a highly effective form of yoga for stress reduction, improved sleep quality and back pain relief. (See What is Viniyoga? for definitions)

When I quit my corporate banking job in 1994 to pursue my passion for yoga, friends, family and business associates were shocked. Back then yoga was on the fringe and no one thought yoga and meditation could possibly ever have a place in the business world or traditional health care system.

Fast-forward 20 years. Things have certainly changed! Continue reading



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