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Our Style of Yoga

Viniyoga – Breathe Yoga in Denver

Our program is in the Viniyoga tradition which has its roots in ancient teachings dating back thousands of years. Viniyoga as a style of yoga adapts the practice to the person’s specific condition, needs and interests.

Breathe Yoga in Denver

What makes Viniyoga unique?

  1. The Viniyoga approach is breath centered and each movement originates and is synchronized with the breath. You will learn how to manage your breath so your mind becomes more focused, body more relaxed and energy levels changed. See our article Trouble Sleeping? Try This Breathing Pattern to get a sense of the benefits of managing your breath.
  2. There is no “correct” form or “one size fits all” in Viniyoga. If you’ve ever been frustrated –  or even injured – trying to force your body into the “perfect” pose, you know how discouraging that can be. We modify the posture to meet you where you are now whether that means simplifying it or making it more challenging.
  3. Just as there is no “one size fits all” in Viniyoga, there are no “canned” practices. Each practice is unique and built around the needs of the individuals in the class. An overall intention is established for the practice and then poses are sequenced in a specific order to achieve the desired intention.

Click here for more details on Viniyoga and its rich tradition.



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