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Benefits of Yoga

I never believed in or experienced the benefits of yoga until Joanne taught me. She’s amazing … “ Jenni H.
yoga benefits

Why think about private yoga instruction when group classes are available and less expensive? Good question. And, only you can decide the answer. Following are some of the reasons why my students  prefer taking private yoga sessions to group classes:

1.  Some of my students are new to yoga and want to be sure they’re doing the postures correctly – for their bodies – so they don’t get hurt. Then, when they take a group class, they can adjust the generic posture to fit their personal needs.

2.  Some of my students have injuries and they can’t do many of the poses a group does. It’s frustrating for them and they want their own, personalized practice to do at home.

3.  Some of my students have hectic and unpredictable schedules. They need the scheduling flexibility of private yoga sessions.

4.  Some of my students have back issues, high blood pressure or other health issues that require specialized knowledge that’s not found in a group setting.

5.  And, some of my students have specific health and fitness goals and really like having the personalized attention and accountability of private yoga.

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