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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Can Yoga Cause Back Pain?

By: Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones, Guest Blogger

Defining the Sacro-Illiac Joint

The Sacro-Iliac joint is an interesting area. Located on each side of the back of the pelvis, it is the union between the sacrum (lower spine triangular bone fused since puberty)) and the iliac bone of the pelvis. Unlike other joint areas, there is not much movement. It is considered a “gliding” joint, where ligaments holding it together can shift, although there are not regular joint actions such as flexion, extension, etc. Continue reading

Meditation Myth #3

In this week’s blog, River discusses Myth #3. Whether you’re new to meditation or an old pro, you’ll want to read what River says about Samadhi. Thank you again, River, for shinning a light on meditation’s myths and for being my teacher and friend.River head shot - high res

By: River Cummings

Myth #3: Samadhi is the ultimate state of union/peace/bliss. It’s the goal of meditation, and it’s something you should be able to work toward. If you’re not in samadhi, well, you’re not good at meditation yet. (Or maybe you’re just not meant to be enlightened in this lifetime…) Continue reading



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