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5 Steps: Yoga for Everyday Life

People come to yoga for all sorts of reasons. They include wanting to reduce stress and balance emotions; improve fitness; lose weight; improve flexibility; improve strength. The list is long and the reasons are as varied as the people. But, there is a common thread in all these reasons and that’s the recognition that some aspect of life needs to be different.cover - updated

So, the recognition that something needs to change is Step #1 in starting any yoga practice. It’s also important to believe change is possible and to have a deep desire to have it happen.

The tricky part is that wishing for a change isn’t enough. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it were? But, for most of us, our habits are much stronger than our wishes and intentions. We need something that helps us overcome these habits and that’s where a regular yoga practice is invaluable.

Yoga provides a process that supports identifying and eliminating those hard to change habits. It takes time though. As my teacher says “yoga is hard work” –  physically, mentally and emotionally.

It Takes As Long As It Takes

I started taking yoga in the 1990’s to help reduce all the stress related to my job. It’s been a journey and I’ve learned so much about myself. One thing for sure, it’s not always pleasant seeing what the mirror of yoga reflects back. And, that’s where the “yoga is hard work” happens. So many of our habits are at the unconscious level. Yoga brings them to the forefront of consciousness. It takes patience, and progress can’t be forced, which can be frustrating.

Gradually, with regular practice, yoga shines a light on behaviors, habits, attitudes, etc. that don’t serve you well so you can detach from them. It’s an ongoing evolution.

Here are the steps for applying yoga to your life:

  1. Acknowledge that there is some area of your life you would like to be different. It can be physical, mental or emotional.
  2. Combine the knowledge that things can change with your deep desire to change.
  3. Commit to regular yoga practice as a way to facilitate and support your growth and evolution.
  4. Observe yourself and what you learn about yourself without judgment
  5. Change and redirect your practices on an ongoing basis. This allows you to continue growing and transforming. (A yoga teacher can be a big help)

We all have many layers to explore … Enjoy the process and Breathe Easy

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