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Yoga Practice for the Office

Workplace wellness activitiesIn my opinion, yoga is tailor made for today’s world.

Many years ago I started practicing yoga as a way to reduce the stress of corporate America. It was very effective. Fast-forward to today and our world has become even more stressful. There are fewer and fewer boundaries separating our working lives from our non-working lives. The Internet and mobile devices have made us “available” 24/7.

One researcher says that being connected 24/7 to emails, texts, social media, etc. is a big reason why we feel busy all the time. It’s hard to feel like we’re getting away from work and work-like activities, which makes us feel overwhelmed. See my blog Busyness for more about this research.

This is why yoga and its teachings are so perfect for life today. The purpose of yoga is to stop the chattering and whirling of the mind. Yoga gives us the tools to set aside our to-do list with its zillion activities; to set aside the feelings of overwhelm because everything keeps piling up; to put all the stressors life dishes out on temporary hold.

Observation, awareness, and breath are some of the tools of yoga and they are available 24/7 to stop the busyness of your mind. It can be a great way to decompress at work and many businesses are beginning to offer yoga classes at the workplace.

Here’s a short yoga practice that you can do at work in your office chair or at home after work.


If it’s not possible to do this practice in your office, take a short breathing break using the technique suggested in my blog Deep Breathing for the Workplace.

Enjoy and Breathe Easy.

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Joanne Thompson

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