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Viniyoga Makes the News

NewPapersWhat do the New York Times and Consumer Reports for Health have in common? They both describe Viniyoga as a highly effective form of yoga for stress reduction, improved sleep quality and back pain relief. (See What is Viniyoga? for definitions)

When I quit my corporate banking job in 1994 to pursue my passion for yoga, friends, family and business associates were shocked. Back then yoga was on the fringe and no one thought yoga and meditation could possibly ever have a place in the business world or traditional health care system.

Fast-forward 20 years. Things have certainly changed!

The CEO of Aetna Insurance Company (one of America’s 100 largest companies) has brought Viniyoga to thousands of his employees and sells the program to businesses that contract with Aetna for health insurance.

Aetna has been tracking employee results and they are impressive.

  • 28% reduction in stress levels
  • 20% improvement in sleep quality
  • 19% reduction in pain
  • Increase in employee productivity worth about $3,000 annually per employee

As the New York Times article explains, Aetna is leading a movement that is spreading throughout corporate America. It will be so interesting to see how this movement progresses.

It has the potential to be a win/win for all concerned. Employees are happier and more productive; customers get better service and attention; and businesses profit as a result.

Aetna’s CEO had a near fatal skiing accident in 2004 which changed his life in many ways and introduced him to the healing powers of yoga and meditation. His experience was the impetus for bringing yoga and meditation into Aetna.

Yoga’s healing benefits are becoming more widely recognized. Consumer Reports for Health (September 2014 issue) recognized Viniyoga as an alternative to back surgery because it combines breathing techniques with simple postures and deep relaxation. Certainly, my choice would be Viniyoga over back surgery and I’m sure you would feel the same way.

As researchers look for ways to improve peoples’ health care and general wellbeing, it is very exciting to think that this ancient tradition may find its place in our modern world.

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Joanne Thompson

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