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3 Good Reasons Never to Do Yoga

Yoga needs to come with a warning label …

Use Extreme Caution: Regular Practice Could Be Hazardous to Your Lifestyle

cautionsignIf you’ve practiced yoga for a while, you know what I mean.

If you haven’t, well … BUYER BEWARE!

You love your current lifestyle. There’s so much going on. There’s never a dull moment. And, you love being connected, always connected. It’s who you are.

Then a friend suggests yoga … hmmm … you’ve heard rumors about how it changes you.

Well, it’s true. So, following are 3 really good reasons to never, ever practice yoga.

Smart Phone Separation Anxiety

When you go to a yoga class, the teachers MAKE you turn your phone off. It’s non-negotiable. Good grief, that’s 90 minutes of being disconnected and totally out of touch.

Then the teachers talk about bringing your awareness inside, observing your breath and being still. What? Internal focus rather than external focus!

Yoga … Internal Focus … Hmmm

Busyness Withdrawal

It’s great being busy and checking things off the to-do list. It feels so satisfying and energizing accomplishing task after task. Sometimes it’s exhausting but most of the time it’s really stimulating.

But are you addicted to being busy? The experts think so (see my blog on Busyness). In fact they say we’re not nearly as busy or productive as we think.

In the words of Thoreau, “It’s not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is what are we busy about?”

Yoga talks about examining attachments and releasing them. Does that mean busyness too? What would I do with the extra time?

Yoga … Examination … Hmmm

No More Guilt Free Junk Food

You’re in a rush – running late for an appointment – and hungry. No worries. Just pop into the closest fast food place, grab a quick bite and still make the meeting on time. Easy, peasy.

It never occurs to you to wonder about the food quality or feel any sort of guilt about that yummy cheeseburger.

But, yoga makes you more aware, at every level, including your body’s fuel supply. Darn!

Yoga … Awareness … Hmmm … maybe?

Maybe yoga is worth it! 🙂

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