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Yoga for Spine Flexibility

5Directions_SpinalMovementYoga has hundreds of postures and each one has the purpose of moving your spine in one of five directions. Being able to move easily in all ficve directions is one of the keys to wellbeing and healthy aging. In fact, iit’s been said that a flexible spine is a key indicator of health.

Think of the elderly people you know. How easily do they move around? Can they get up and down from the floor with ease? Can they twist around and reach something from the back seat of their car? Do they walk with a shuffle or is there energy in every step?

Who doesn’t want to stay as active and mobile in old age as in youth? The secret to having that happen is to keep moving and for that we need a flexible spine.

Five Directions of Movement

Your spine is capable of moving in five different directions: flexing forward; extending backward; rotating in a twist; flexing sideways and extending slightly upward. And, here is where yoga becomes the fountain of spinal youth. All of the hundreds of yoga postures fit into one or more of these five directions that your spine can move.

Your Yoga Practice

If yoga is your spine’s ticket to healthy aging, then it’s important to understand the purpose of each of the five spinal directions. That way you can be sure to incorporate them appropriately into your regular practice.

It’s critical to understand the “why” behind the movement. Over the next several weeks, we’ll examine each direction and give examples of postures available for each direction.

Yoga Postures

In the meantime, check out the image giving a snapshot of each direction.

Next week, we’ll take a deeper dive into forward bends.

Breathe Easy, Joanne

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