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Yoga for Shoulders

computer_catJust the other day a friend was complaining about pain in the musculature behind his right shoulder and that his range of motion was restricted when he moved his arm back. As he explained his work habits, I began to understand why this was happening. 

He works at a computer day in and day out and will sit for several hours in a row barely moving except for making tiny micro movements to operate the mouse.

That’s the plight of many of us who work in offices. After months and years of doing this, our bodies begin to talk back. Humans were meant to move but our daily lives just don’t co-operate. See my blog, Are You Sitting Down, for some pretty scary statistics on what all of this sitting is doing to us.

It’s really, really important to stand up every once in awhile if you’re at a computer all day. The trouble is we get engrossed and forget to move. So here are some suggestions:

  1. Set your computer alarm for every 30 to 45 minutes to remind you to stand up. Even if it’s just for several breaths standing in front of your desk, it will help.
  2. Even better, take a short walk around the office to get the blood circulating.
  3. Take a yoga break. Following is a practice you can do either standing or sitting. I highly recommend standing for obvious reasons but if your associates will think you’re totally weird, you can stay seated.

By the way, yoga at work as an employee benefit is becoming more and more popular. Research has discovered that employees are much more productive. Duh!

As my friend has discovered his shoulder muscles have become contracted because of the limited range of motion involved in using a mouse. Now movement is restricted.

In this yoga practice, you’ll use repetitive movement to alternately contract and relax the muscles. Over time, this repetition will both strengthen and relax the shoulder muscles.

A couple of words of caution: If you ever feel pain, please either stop the movement completely or back off. If your muscles feel pain they will contract even more. And, don’t push beyond your range of motion. With practice, your muscles will relax more deeply and your range of motion will increase.

Try to do the practice several times a day. I know that can be a challenge during a workday but yoga’s benefits are cumulative.

Please use the comments section below for any questions or thoughts. I’d enjoy hearing from you.

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