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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Willpower … Forget it

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Years ago when I was in corporate America, I stopped by a friend’s house to visit before heading home. I had left work about 8:00p.m. my usual exhausted and hungry self. I went into my friend’s refrigerator to find something to eat (We’re practically family so it was okay to do that). I decided on ice cream even though there were more healthy choices available.

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Rewire Your Brain and Prosper


In my blog, “The Happiness Advantage”, we saw how meditation grows the part of our brain responsible for feeling happy and when practiced regularly can actually rewire our brains.

Studies about meditation and our brain seem to be everywhere these days. Neuroplasticity is the science of how the brain changes its structure and function in response to training. It identifies meditation as a primary tool for building a more agile brain, even as we age. Continue reading

The Happiness Advantage

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Happiness is a very individual thing. What makes one person happy doesn’t work at all for the next person. But, our beliefs about how we achieve happiness are surprisingly similar and for most of us, are based on external events. If we get “x”… then we will be happy. It’s the way many of us have been conditioned since childhood.

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How to Pick a Yoga Class

YellowStone_thermaljpgHatha. Bikram. Vinyasa Flow. Hot Yoga. Power Yoga. Viniyoga (my personal favorite). Forrest Yoga. Restorative. Yin Yoga. Warrior & Outlaw Yoga.

Those names are just a few of the seemingly endless “styles” of yoga on the market today. It can get really confusing really fast when you’re trying to pick a class.

It didn’t used to be so complicated. In 1990, when I first took a yoga class there were just a handful of “styles” (called traditions back then) and they were based on over 5,000 years of yoga tradition originating in India. Continue reading



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