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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Overcoming Bad Habits

For just about all of us, there is a bad habit or two or three that we would like to break. If we could just break this (fill in the blank) habit, life would be better. For example, we know that we need regular exercise; that we need to cut down on sugar, eat more fresh fruits and veggies; and that we need to keep stress levels manageable. The messages to live a healthy FB_stick figure_transformationlifestyle are everywhere.

It’s easy to know what to do. The hard part is making it actually happen. Why is it that even when we really, really want to make a change, it can be so difficult to stick with it? As Iyengar says in the above quote, the mind is hard to adjust, i.e. old habits die hard.

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How Yoga Transforms Your Body

When I first started practicing yoga about 25 years ago, it was on the fringe and certainly not mainstream in this country. Since then things have changed a lot. Today, it is a 10-plus billion dollar industry with over 20 million people in the United States practicing some form of yoga.

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