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5 Must Have Products for Yoga Students (Hint: you already own them)

Last week, I was checking in with my banker and a comment he made about his yoga experience really caught my attention. He said he couldn’t practice yoga because he wasn’t very flexible and it made him feel awkward and uncomfortable in classes. If you’re a yoga teacher, you’ve probably heard that comment a zillion times like I have.


I had the same reaction to my banker’s comment that I always do … feeling sad. It makes me so sad to hear that because yoga is for everyone – EVERYONE!

My banker’s comment inspired me to write this blog for all of us who currently practice or ever could practice yoga, especially those who might feel a little uncomfortable at times.

Following is my list of “products” that every yoga student must have. The good news is you don’t have to buy a thing. You already have exactly what you need.

Must Have Products

Number 1: An Imperfect Body

Nobody’s body is “perfect” whatever perfect means. I personally think the word needs to be eliminated from the English language but that’s a future blog. The good news for all current and aspiring yogis is that there’s not a perfect body on the planet.

Take me for example. My left arm is about 2 inches shorter than my right because of a really awful bicycle crash and it won’t straighten out. There are yoga postures I’ll never be able to experience and that’s okay.

In the interest of time, I won’t go into all my other flaws. You get the point. Take your body, just as it is, and find a class and teacher that will support you in your yoga adventure.

Number 2: Ability to Breath

In the words of my teacher, “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.” In other words, if you are alive it is possible to practice yoga because breath is the foundation and where yoga begins.

Whether you are moving through asanas (postures), doing pranayama (controlled breathing) or doing meditation, breath makes it possible. Breath connects body and mind; keeps our attention inward; helps with focus and can be modified for specific energetic effects.

For people suffering from breathing disorders such as asthma or COPD, breathing can be challenging, but it is still possible, with modifications, to practice yoga.

Many people think that yoga is only the postures (exercises). Postures are part of what constitutes yoga, but yoga is so much more. Every time you sit in a chair or lie down and mindfully breathe, you are practicing yoga. The activity of bringing your attention inward and focusing on your breath is yoga. My guess is that many people have practiced yoga and don’t realize it.

Try this activity the next time you want a little break:

  • Sit comfortably in a chair or lie down
  • Close your eyes or keep a soft, unfocused gaze
  • Bring your attention inward and focus on your breathing
  • Continue observing your breath
  • Feel the air moving in and out of your nostrils
  • Feel your breath moving your body
  • If your mind drifts away to your to-do list, gently bring it back to your breath
  • Continue observing and breathing
  • Take several breaths like this until you are ready to gently move your attention outward and back to your day

That’s yoga. How do you feel?

Next week, we’ll explore the other three must have products. In the meantime, enjoy practicing yoga with the body and breath that are uniquely yours.

Enjoy and Breathe Easy


Joanne Thompson

Joanne Thompson

Founder/Owner at Yoga for Self

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