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Monthly Archives: October 2014

5 Must Have Products for Yoga Students (Hint: you already own them)

Last week, I was checking in with my banker and a comment he made about his yoga experience really caught my attention. He said he couldn’t practice yoga because he wasn’t very flexible and it made him feel awkward and uncomfortable in classes. If you’re a yoga teacher, you’ve probably heard that comment a zillion times like I have.

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Denver’s Colfax Marathon – one driver’s perspective

Denver has an annual event called the Colfax Marathon and yesterday was the big day. Thousands participate and have a great time.

For the out-of-town readers, Colfax has the distinction of being the longest continuous street in America. The marathon travels down part of Colfax and several other streets in downtown Denver. This means that many of the streets are fully or partially blocked on marathon day so the runners can participate without being run down by cars.

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5 Steps to Back Pain Relief


Back pain. Whether it’s tense neck and shoulder muscles or low back and sacrum pain, most of us have experienced the discomfort of a sore back at some point in our lives. For some of us, unfortunately, the pain rarely goes away.

Does yoga help relieve back pain? I get that question frequently and can speak from personal experience when I say “yes” yoga definitely helps. I have had low back and sacrum issues on and off for years. It gets especially bad when I’m really stressed or doing too much sitting. My personalized yoga practice keeps it under control and is much better for me than reaching for that ibuprofen bottle.

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