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The Power of Relationship

Last week’s blogSales talked about rituals and how their purpose is to connect us. Communal rituals connect us with society, our community, family and friends. The connection is more external. Personal rituals, on the other hand, are more internal connecting us with our deepest desires. They are more spiritual.

Rituals are a vehicle for these connections. Another way to think of connecting is to think of developing relationships through our rituals. These relationships become deeper and deeper provided the rituals have meaning to us.

Think of all the relationships in your life. The most obvious are our relationships to other people, especially those who have inspired and encouraged us. Some of the people may not even be living anymore but we still feel a close connection.

My father was a huge influence on my life and, to this day, I admire him more than anyone I have ever known. He died over twenty years ago, but I still ask myself how he would advise me in various situations.

 It’s not just human relationships that can inspire us. A walk in nature, an idea, a passion or dream can touch our hearts and inspire.

This month we have been discussing the fifth and final lifestyle element known as The Heart, which involves relationship. Modern medicine tells us to have a passion. The ancient yogi’s said the ultimate purpose is to connect with our source. They are both giving the same advice just using different words. To feel joy, to feel truly alive and connected, we need a relationship with something larger than we are. We need something or someone who inspires us and stretches us beyond our small “s”elf.

 The ancients identified 5 steps or aspects of relationship. These aspects still have relevance today.

  1. Initially, we feel a strong attraction to something or someone who inspires us and creates joy in us.
  2. This attraction deepens and we feel even deeper joy.
  3. We want to experience the joy from this connection/relationship more and more often.
  4. We continue to deepen our passion and strong attachment even as we experience the attraction over and over again.
  5. We experience the deep joy and bliss that comes from relating with something larger than ourselves.

Relationships have the power to transform. They can give meaning, direction and value to our lives. Think of the relationships in your life that have transformed and are transforming you.

Enjoy and Breathe Easy

Joanne Thompson

Joanne Thompson

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