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Things to Think About Before Taking Private Yoga Classes

There are many reasons for wanting a yoga class that’s just for you. As you can easily tell from this picture, largeGroupYogaV3it is impossible for one teacher to give individualized attention in a large group class. In a private session, all the teacher’s attention is focused on you and practices are tailored for you and your needs.

There is nothing wrong with group classes. They serve a definite purpose and can be very beneficial. Since they are designed for the group as a whole, it is important that each student knows how to modify the generic postures to fit his/her individual situation. The Golden Rule for all yoga instruction (public and private) … if you feel pain, stop immediately.

It’s true. Private yoga sessions are more expensive than group classes. Before investing your time, energy and money, it’s a good idea to get your questions answered and find a teacher who resonates with you. Following are some questions and considerations to help you in your search. I’m sure you can think of more.

  1. Does the teacher offer a complimentary consultation, either by phone or in person, to discuss your needs and explain her/his process?
  2. There are many styles of yoga from the athletic to restorative. What type fits your needs and does the teacher offer it?
  3. What are the teacher’s credentials? How many hours of training does she/he have? A general rule of thumb is a minimum of 500 hours from an accredited school to teach privately. What was the emphasis of their teacher training? Do they have areas of expertise? How long have they been teaching?
  4. What sort of assessment process do they have? Do they ask questions about your health and lifestyle? Is a range of motion analysis completed?
  5. Do they ask questions about your goals and reasons for wanting private lessons? Do they have the expertise to create practices that help you achieve your goals?
  6. How available are they between sessions to answer questions and clear up any confusion?
  7. Will you receive tools for use outside the private sessions? For example, when you attend group classes, will you know how to modify the generic posture to fit you?
  8. Can your schedule be accommodated? When and where will you meet? (your home, office or a studio)
  9. What is the cost? In Denver, a general rule of thumb is $75/hour. Ask if there are packages available.

There are many reasons for wanting to take private yoga classes. It’s a very personal decision. Here are some of the reasons my students enjoy private yoga lessons:

  • They want to learn the “right” way to do the posture for their body
  • They have a specific issue that needs personal attention
  • Their schedules are too hectic to fit into a regularly scheduled group class
  • They feel uncomfortable in group classes
  • They want to achieve a very specific goal such as an athletic or health goal
  • They want to take their practice to the next level
  • They love the personalized attention

The right teacher is essential to a successful yoga journey. This is even more true when working privately with a teacher because it is a much closer relationship. Yoga is a gift that will change your life. Enjoy the journey.


Joanne Thompson

Joanne Thompson

Founder/Owner at Yoga for Self

Health is a precious gift and my goal is to help you live a healthier, happier life through yoga. Every private session is uniquely designed just for you. For a free telephone consultation call me at 303.818.4181. Discover whether personalized, private yoga instruction is right for you.
Joanne Thompson

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    I like your tip to make sure that the type of yoga that would benefit you is something your instructor offers. I’m not very good at the more athletic yoga and would really only benefit from stability and flexibility. I’ll have to check in to this when I try personalized lessons.

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