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A Girl’s Gotta Have Fun

I’m not a shopper. In fact, I usually go out of my way to avoid the experience. So, when I went shopping yesterday in the middle of a workday, it was unusual behavior for me. And, I had a great time because I was with a group of very fun ladies.girls-shopping-istockhires3

Here’s a little background. Last January I joined a group of like-minded businesswomen known as a mastermind group. There are six of us in the group plus our dynamic leader and organizer, Cheri Ruskus of Business Victories ( We meet monthly to discuss various topics and to serve as sounding boards for each other as we grow our businesses. We are becoming more and more connected as the months go by and our monthly meetings are a favorite time for me.

One of our members, Ann Fulton, owns a woman’s clothing store called Never Pay Retail ( We made a field trip to see the store and, of course, shop.

Ann is an amazing image consultant and gave each of us insights into our own unique look. As you might imagine, each of us was different and the “secret” to dressing successfully is to emphasize that uniqueness. With Ann and her knowledgeable staff as guides, we experimented and played with all sorts of styles, colors and looks. We were brutally (in a nice way) honest with one another and each of us found the best way to express our unique selves. It was a very fun afternoon and I left feeling even more connected to this group of amazing women. Plus, I have some terrific new yoga outfits!

Connections. As humans we are hard wired to be with others and our natural tendency is to form social support networks. This need goes back to our earliest time on earth when individual survival literally depended on the group.

Humans aren’t the only creatures who seek out emotional attachments and connections. It is pervasive among the animal kingdom and studies have demonstrated the need to feel useful and connected.

For example, when bees grow old they are re-assigned from hive related duties such as caring for the young to going outside the hive to find sources of food. A 2012 study showed that their brains actually deteriorated with this re-assignment of duties. When the bees were experimentally reinserted into the hive to care for the young, the brain deterioration reversed. Isn’t that amazing! Even bees need to feel connected and useful.

It’s not that different for humans. One of the challenges for the elderly to stay involved and guard against isolation as they become less and less connected to their prior duties, associations and social structures. Study after study proves that social connectedness has a powerful influence on humans’ brain health and overall well-being.

I remember standing in a grocery store line behind an elderly gentleman who was “talking the ears off” the cashier. I felt impatient as the conversation went on and on. Then it hit me – he needed to connect with another human being and this cashier could quite possible be the only opportunity he had to do that.

We need to feel part of a community. Our brain health and overall well-being depend on it. Think about your social communities. How do they nurture and support you?


Joanne Thompson

Joanne Thompson

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