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Yellowstone Adventures

I just returned from an amazing photography trip to Yellowstone National Park. I am relatively new to photography and this adventure expanded my horizons and stretched me physically, mentally and emotionally.

We were on the road every day by 4:00 AM but it was all so exciting that I didn’t mind losing sleep. One day we were in the field for 18 hours shooting sunrise through sunset. Yikes!

I am departing from our “normal” blog post and sharing some of my pictures. It was my first trip to Yellowstone and I can’t wait to go back.

PWDP2607                           PWDP2326                 PWDP2315


PWDP2659                        PWDP3249                 PWDP2855


PWDP3500                       PWDP2389                  PWDP2801


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Joanne Thompson

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