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Manage Emotions Without Medication

Do you know one of the greatest secrets of yoga? Most folks know of the exercise benefits of yoga and more and more are recognizing the power of meditation. But, very few have experienced the powerful healing abilities of breathing.pills

I became fascinated with breathing and breath management during my yoga teacher training. Viniyoga emphasizes the breath more than most traditions so we spent a lot of time learning about its powers during our training. My teacher said that if we practiced breathing techniques (pranayama) every day for a year it would change our lives. He challenged us to do it. I took up the challenge, and it most definitely was life changing. I was hooked and continue to be totally amazed at the physical, emotional and mental healing powers of pranayama.

STEP 2 – Total Wellbeing

Last month we focused on the Physical Body, which is the first step to total wellbeing. We explored how the Ancient Yogis moved their spine in 5 different directions as part of their practice to keep their bodies physically healthy.

This month we drill down another layer to the Energetic or Vital Body. The Energetic Body involves our life force and the importance of emotional balance for a vital life force. Just as we related asana practice to the Physical Body, we relate pranayama to the Energetic Body.

Prana means life force in Sanskrit. Prana flows throughout the body, mind and spirit and is managed and influenced by regulating the breath. The Ancient Yogis knew that our breath is impacted by state of mind (emotions) which, in turn, impacts our ability to think clearly, digest food and absorb nutrients from food, have good circulation and have appropriate energy levels.

What happens to your breath when you become angry, anxious, stressed out? How does that compare with your breath when you feel calm, relaxed, contented? The emotions are very different and the breathing is very different. Our breath tells us about our emotional state.

Modern science is beginning to understand the connection between emotional imbalance and disease. There appears to be a strong link between emotions (state of mind) and physical health. Evidence shows that chronically stressed people have more digestive, respiratory and cardiovascular disease. Heart disease is directly related to chronic anger and hostility. Anxiety is directly related to gastrointestinal problems.

Step 2 is all about our emotions and the importance of emotional balance to health and wellbeing.


Pranayama allows us to heal and balance our emotions through various breath management practices. And, with the balancing of emotions, we also begin to calm and uplift the mind and heal our physiology. As my yoga teacher knew when he challenged us, becoming more consciously aware of the breath is a powerful tool for self-discovery, self-development and self-improvement.

During June, we will explore breathing techniques to manage anger, anxiety and depression. Emotions that all of us, because we are human, have experienced.

Joanne Thompson

Joanne Thompson

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