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Posture Matters

Many years ago when I was a newbie banker, we had a Chief Credit Officer who struck fear in the hearts of all commercial lenders. Tad_BeigeThankfully, I never had to interact with him directly. He retired shortly after I got to the bank and before I earned my lending spurs.

Occasionally, I saw him in the employee cafeteria and was fascinated with the way he walked. Actually, it was more of a shuffle than a walk. I had never seen that before. All the “old” people in my world walked.

Years have gone by since I first saw that shuffle. Now, I understand that it’s a postural issue caused by tight muscles and inflexibility. Over time, muscles tighten and shorten unless they are stretched resulting in diminished range of motion. This lack of flexibility creates postural issues, which is what caused the Chief Credit Officer’s shuffle.

Muscle strength is another key to maintaining good posture. For example, strong core muscles prevent slumping and leg muscles are critical to standing without swaying.

Good posture comes from flexible, strong muscles and relates directly to an ability to balance. A Harvard Medical School publication, “Better Balance”, explains that good posture helps maintain good balance, resulting in a healthier, less accident-prone life.

And for great posture give yoga a try.

Joanne Thompson

Joanne Thompson

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