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Brain Booster … Improve Concentration

It can be a challenge to focus in our modern day world. We all have endless things to get done. And, we have so much coming aBalancet us from every direction. Technology is terrific and most of us wonder how we ever functioned without it. But one downside, for many of us, is that our attention spans are getting shorter and it can be a challenge to concentrate on one task at a time. Have you noticed?

In prior blogs, I’ve described how yoga, in general, improves brain function. In particular, the balance postures are known for improving focus and concentration. It’s almost impossible to balance while planning your day or thinking about anything else.

There are a variety of balance postures in yoga. A good place to start is a standing posture called Tadasana …

  1. As you Inhale, sweep your arms out to the sides and over your head and lift your heels to come up on toes.
  2. Pause after Inhale
  3. As you Exhale, lower your arms down to your sides and bring heels down to the floor.
  4. Pause after Exhale 
  5. Repeat steps 1 – 4 four to six times
  6. Make the posture more challenging by staying in the posture (#1) for several breaths before exhaling down (#3)
  7. MODIFICATION: If you feel unstable with both arms over your head, place one hand on a wall to stabilize and raise the other arm over head as you come up onto your toes.

Some Tips:

  • Focus your eyes on a point that isn’t moving
  • Keep a gentle firmness in your low belly
  • Keep your focus on your breath. Gently bring your attention back to your breath when it wanders.


Your ability to concentrate and balance can be impacted by various things:

  • The time of day can make a difference
  • Fatigue and a poor night’s sleep diminish focus
  • The food you eat and when you eat can matter
  • Simply being too distracted

If you are having trouble maintaining balance, observe and ask yourself why. Some days are better than others. So, if you’re too distracted, save Tadasana for another day.

Joanne Thompson

Joanne Thompson

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