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Chanting with Sonia Nelson

This past weekend I attended Sonia’s Vedic Chanting Workshop at Old Town Yoga Studio in Fort Collins. It was a fantastic two day workshop and I learned a ton. Sonia has been studying and teaching Vedic chant for decades and owns the Vedic Chant Center in Santa Fe. She’s so talented and such a good teacher. 

Vedic Chant was originally taught and transmitted orally – via call and response – since there was no written language. Sonia uses this ancient call and response approach to teach us the chants. After we’ve practiced orally, she eventually gives us the written chant. It’s all in Sanskrit – a bit of a challenge. I’m a visual learner and thought I’d really like to have the written words first. Funny thing – I discovered that I really like not seeing the words first because the written words are all strung together and don’t look much like the way the chant sounds. I could get into the rhythm so much better with the call and response first.

Chanting – especially in Sanskrit – has some important benefits. It really takes concentration and focus to remember the words. Like learning any language it helps with memory. But, the biggest benefit for me was feeling the energy, the vibration of the chant. I studied Vedic chant as part of my teacher training and had some of the chants memorized already. Since I didn’t have to focus as hard on remembering the words, I really got to feel the energetic effects at a much deeper level. Wonderful!

Joanne Thompson

Joanne Thompson

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