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Yoga on the Go

We are all so busy (How’s that for a blinding flash of the obvious?) that the idea of fitting a regular home yoga practice into an already packed schedule seems impossible. Because group yoga classes last an hour or more, many folks think that a personal practice at home needs to be the same length of time or they’re not really “practicing” yoga.

But, that’s not so. The important element is the quality of the practice not the length of time. From 5 to 10 minutes of mindful breathing with a little movement can be very beneficial.  

For example, begin by sitting on a chair or lying on your yoga mat. Bring your attention to your breath and begin to deepen your inhalation and lengthen your exhalation. Eyes closed is usually more effective. Really focus on your breath noticing how the breath gently moves the spine. The spine lengthens slightly on inhale and flexes slightly on exhale. Do you feel it? If you don’t, please don’t stress. You will eventually.

You can add some gentle head turns or arm movements if you like but it’s not necessary. If you would like to feel more energized at the end of your practice, add a 2 to 4 second pause after inhale. If you would like to feel more relaxed make your exhale several counts longer than your inhale and add a 1 or 2 second pause after exhale.

That’s it. You’re practicing yoga. And, it only took a few minutes. Try to do this several times a week and see what changes you feel.

Joanne Thompson

Joanne Thompson

Founder/Owner at Yoga for Self

Health is a precious gift and my goal is to help you live a healthier, happier life through yoga. Every private session is uniquely designed just for you. For a free telephone consultation call me at 303.818.4181. Discover whether personalized, private yoga instruction is right for you.
Joanne Thompson

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