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Sleep Tight!

In  the last couple of blogs, I’ve talked about the energetics of the breath and how energy can be affected by the way the four parts of the breath are combined. The four parts are inhale, retention (pause after inhale), exhale and suspension ( pause after exhale).

The exhale and suspension are the more relaxing and calming parts of the breath and would be beneficial to use in the evening as your day winds down. See Get Going in the Morning to understand the impact of the inhale and retention and how to apply them.

For example, the four parts could be combined into a ratio of inhalation 4 to 6 seconds; retention of 0 seconds; exhalation of 8 to 10 seconds; and suspension of 1 to 2 seconds. The exhale and suspension counts total 9 to 12 seconds which is greater than the inhale and retention counts totaling 4 to 6 seconds, making it more calming and pacifying. This ratio would be a good combination to use as part of your bedtime routine.

Adding belly breathing to the ratio would make the ratio even more relaxing and grounding. Sleep tight!


Joanne Thompson

Joanne Thompson

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