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Calming Down with Belly Breath

One of the things Viniyoga teaches is how to use the breath to manage energy levels and that includes reducing stress. When we get stressed, most of us tend to hold our breath which just makes matters worse. The next time you feel tense … breathe!

In particular, try belly breathing.  Sit comfortably, stand or lie down and with shoulders relaxed begin to breath. On inhale, feel your belly change shape (bulge) in all four directions (up, down and from side to side) and as you exhale, let your belly slowly and effortlessly relax back to its original shape.

As you continue belly breathing, allow your exhale to be longer than your inhale. Exhalation is more calming while inhalation is more invigorating. Combining a longer exhale with belly breathing will help you relax even more completely.

This time of year is very stressful for many of us. The next time you’re feeling uptight, try this process. You can do it while standing in a line, sitting in a traffic jam, or anywhere you chose. No one will ever know what you’re doing.  

Joanne Thompson

Joanne Thompson

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Joanne Thompson

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